LANDLAN Detector


LAN Detector (LAND) is a web application for exploring the intranet environment. It scans your private network and searches for active IP addresses on the detected subnet.
Being just a web page in a browser, LAND does not require you to install or run any application or extension on your computer.


Simply navigate to LAN Detector using your browser and wait a few minutes for your intranet to be scanned and private IP addresses detected.

In the case if your local network is not detected (or you know the subnet address and want to save a couple of minutes), enter the subnet address in the edit box and click "Use subnet" button:
Using the manually entered subnet address



In short, your private IP addresses remain private. The server is not provided with the information that can be used for deducing yours private IP addresses. The information about detected local IP addresses does not leave your computer and remains in the browser local storage. Although the detection history is displayed when navigating the  LAND web page, you can delete it from your browser any time (simply delete the Site Data for